For the French designer Jean Marc Gady, the object is at honor this beginning of year 2008 with as ever prestigious commissions as MOET & CHANDON, CHRISTOFLE, BACCARAT, LIGNE ROSET and LA TÊTE AU CUBE

Accessory line for MOET & CHANDON

This fresh Moet & Chandon service accessory range is constituted of buckets, drinks cooler, bowl, candlesticks and platters.  Jean Marc Gady plays with the strong contrast between a deep black varnished and the polished stainless-steel and pewter metallic reflections. The set’s overall coherence is assured by the formal revival of a lightly bell-shaped rim and truncated content in each item.  Specifically dedicated to bars and clubs, the seal “Night” is proposed in a highly visual identifying version thanks to a magnetic luminous base addition preventing the bottle of being out of sight.

“Marly tech” collection for CHRISTOFLE
in collaboration with Guillaume Galloy and Sam Baron.

This new objects collection for person and home draws its roots in the brand heritage to create a multi generational range.  The “Marly” motive (an acanthi leaf) was reworked as an alphabet then affixed on simple and contemporary forms.  The collection includes a dozen pieces: cards holder, key chain “clef”, pocket mirror, usb key, candles, platters, photographs frameworks.  The most surprising piece is a gigantic horizontal mirror (35CM x 120 cm) where the stamped motive crosses the silver framework to end up being sandblasted on the reflecting surface..

Plates collection for Ligne Roset

Three models for a ceramic plate collection on the breaking line that plays holes, full and trompe l’oeil  with the lunar whiteness and red as main theme.  “Moonlace” suspends time by resuming old-fashioned embroidery detail on napkins to immobilize them forever in ceramics state.  “Moonstamp” plays the fragile with his divisible detail breaking it.  As for “Moonwalk”, pierced as a Gruyere, it hesitates between an archaeological remains and an already started meal.

Material: white ceramic, 24 cm x 24 cm x 2.5 cm.
Nota:  The collection will be presented on the François Bernard trend forum “Presque là” during the next Maison & Objet fair (from January 25 to 29, 2008)?

“Up yours” ashtray for La Tête au Cube

A very “bling bling” re-edition 2008, for this anthropomorphic ashtray that holds your cigarette between its fingers.  Not really “politically correct”?  Up yours!

Material: ceramic, 80 mm x 80 mm x 120 mm.  Exists in gold, platinum, black, white and orange.

“Vase couché” for Baccarat (laying down vase)

As a brand classic of which the back of the knee would have been sliced, this lying down vase promises to be one of the most stylish single-flower vase of the market.  To be commercialized at spring 2008.

1971 Paris-born designer, graduate from the Blue School in 1997, Jean-Marc Gady has regularly collaborated with the VIA and constructed a wide activity sphere that covers stagecraft, design or interior architecture with references such as:  LOUIS VUITTON, APPLE computers, BACCARAT, MOET & CHANDON, CHRISTOFLE, SEPHORA, LINE ROSET, liv’it, GUERLAIN.  Jean-Marc Gady was in charge of LOUIS VUITTON shop windows and events between 2002 and 2006.  He recently created his own creation structure.