Return click on the ‘Simple’ range by Gabriele Pezzini for Max Design. This absolute anti-novelty set came out in 2004 but is still hot news: it has inspired any number of products, is still in the Italian maker’s catalogue, and figures high up in their best seller list.

Wired chair

With ‘Wired’, Pezzini proposed a smooth and minimal tube steel application for a stackable indoor/outdoor seat, well before Tom Dixon used the same material again. The spot-welded structure – chrome for indoors, lacquered for out – allows stacking up to 10 units. Also comes in a version with PU foam cushions for the tender-arsed.

Moving stool

Innovation has always got something to do with function. What is a stool but a light-weight seat that follows the sitter? So to the order: make me a stool, ‘Moving’ responds with an archetype worthy of figuring alongside Starck’s garden dwarf stool, which responded to the order: make me a toad stool.

Buckets with handles have been around since antiquity and are still tops. In light-weight recyclable PE, here they are kicking into the 21st century bum-rest.

“Crystal” table

In complement to the ‘Wired’ chair, the ‘Crystal’ table also uses tube steel in chrome or lacquer finish. As fluid as a folding table, its base runs up and down, down and up… The eye follows the hand of the designer as it describes an 8 of infinity. The simple combination of base and top in continuous geometric line ensures good stability in spite of a feather-weight structure.
‘Dancer’ bar stool

Where and how do you put the foot-rest on a bar stool? By extending the seat in space down to a flared skirt, Pezzini turns this festive accessory into miss-mini-twister. Subliminal industrial minimalism that plays with dance & dress codes to score maximum visual impact for obvious function. Also comes with padded PU seat.


Italian designer Gabriele Pezzini was born at Charleroi (Belgium) in 1963. He studied at a school of art before attending the ISIA (Institute of Industrial Design) in Florence. His manner explores relations between objects and their users to develop a fresh creative language and new meanings in protocols. He has lectured at the  School of Fine Arts in Saint-Etienne (FR), at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence (USA) and at Milan Politecnico.