symbio-pers1Winner of an Observeur du design award, the ‘Symbio’ phone stands out as one of the most significant products designed by eliumstudio, on par with their ‘Tykho’ radio for Lexon. Its success is such that Thomson will be presenting it at the forthcoming Biennale in Saint-Etienne, having launched a website dedicated to a product that sets new benchmarks for the genre.

New look, new codes, ‘Symbio’ is an all-round domestic receiver-transmitter that gift-wraps innovations: hifi sound, web radios and new services. eliumstudio have reinterpreted the archetype of the hand set in an expression that is sober, elegant and light. At the same time the object delivers real comfort: wide face, easy handling and even a shoulder-wedge function.


Cordless phone & internet radio
Company: Thomson
Production launch: 2008

Extending their quest for meaning and harmony beyond furtive trends, elium explore new forms and new references in de luxe and general public products. Set up in 2001, the studio specializes in industrial design and has already notched up a bevy of fine products for names like Lexon, Rowenta, Cinna, Thomson, Toto and Hermès.
Elium commands expertise that enables them to  question the semantics of everyday objects along with an equal mastery of industrial and craftsman constraints. A search for what is essential that negotiates elegantly with the contingencies of the real – promising projects full of life as the studio’s scope of action opens up to furniture and scenography.

The following is a fly-over of some of their best pieces to date.


Lexon Tykho radio

Radio AM/FM
Company Lexon (1998)

A watertight elastomer radio designed for bathroom & poolside. Tykho offers simplicity of manipulation and plays on elasticity, using the same material on the amplifier membrane.

Figures in the MOMA & Pompidou Centre collections.




Calor Structure

Battery-powered cutter for hair & beard
Company Calor : (2007)

A product that brings strong innovation, creating a unique patented  principle for a battery-driven blade that is safe, ultra precise and top-performing.




Quid novi Omni

Indoor reclining chair
Maker: Quid novi (2004)

Honing the lines of a standard to achieve maximum elegance,  comfort and luxury. Steel support with chrome spring. Saddle-stitched leather cover.

Awarded a VIA Label 2004.



De luxe bathroom taps & fittings
Company : TOTO LTD (2007)

An upmarket range of bathroom taps & accessories in chromed brass.
Pure and sober lines express technology at finger-tip control.
Above, extra flat wall shower and mixer tap – the inbuilt mechanism makes for extreme slenderness of forms.




eliumstudio (left to right) Marc Berthier, Gilles Caillet, Elise Berthier, Frédéric Lintz, Pierre Garner. Set up in Paris in 2001, eliumstudio is a quintet specialized in industrial design that explores de luxe and general public themes, ranging from the one-off piece to the series. Their skills embrace global, product and space design. elium seeks to develop design that is strong in image and in concept. Their philosophy of lightness is summed up in words like liberty, mobility, economy, ecology and technology. Determined to keep to their basic structure, eliumstudio is wholly tuned to creation and innovation. The complementary skills of five creators trained in architecture, design and fashion ensure fertile output.