Besides his ‘Dress’ tidy table tray just gone into production by Domeau & Perès, Benjamin Graindorge has scored an Audi Talent Award (design section) and will be presenting his ‘Courtoisie’ range of mirrors made by Cinna next January.

Paysage domestique (2007)
Fish tank

‘Paysage domestique’ – in English, ‘domestic landscape’ – displays a penchant for the contemplative object, the thought content of which is magnified by the designer.  Aquarium and aquatic garden assume the status of an inner landscape in a formal resolution of their real presence and imaginary power.

Paysage domestique (2007)
Indoor aquatic garden

Usually, these small enclaves of nature in apartments are tamed rectangular cases. Here tho’, all of a sudden they recall their wild state and natural elegance by the magic line that shapes their volume. Something in the manner of an earth-strata bore sample, a cross section cut into pure nature, home-delivered for ready reference.

Paysage domestique (2007)
Fish tank

Paysage domestique (2007)
Moving lamp
VIA Project Assistance grant 2007

This project earned Benjamin Graindorge an Audi Talents Awards, with a grant of 10 K euros for 2009.

‘Dress’ is a table centre / tidy tray that grew out of research on objects with light-weight structure. What you see is an accessory literally reduced to skin and bones, a skeletal object with a near-ridiculous structure, a whimsical piece set in suspended animation by its own fragility.

Dress (2008)
Edition Domeau & Pérès

Like a small shrine for the home, cut digitally and set in resolved tension on an embroidery frame, hesitating between the hand-made and high tech all the better to catch the eye.

Edition Domeau & Pérès

Winner of a Cinna design competition, ‘Courtoisie’ brings floating images of an evanescent world into the home. ‘Like the mirrors of ancient times and unlike most we see today, Courtoisie captures the scale of both body and habitat. The spatial experience of its reflexion is all the more personal and intimate, besides being voluntary.’
miroirreflet01‘It is a two-way mirror, which means that its image is phantom-like, associating the transparency of glass to the substance of the things that it hides or captures.’
Dimensions 800mm/240mm/ hauteur330mm

‘Courtoisie’ will go into production by Cinna in January 2009


Benjamin Graindorge is one of the rising names in French design. A graduate of the ENSCI – les Ateliers in 2006, his ‘Paysage domestique’ project won a VIA Assistance grant in 2007. Selected two years running at the Design Parade festival (Hyères), he worked as an assistant with Mathieu Lehanneur, RADI designers and Eric Jourdan before scoring two consecutive wins: a Cinna competition and an Audi Talent Award for design. His ‘Courtoisie’ range of mirrors for Cinna will be on show at the Maison & Objets fair, January 2009.
In July 2009, Graindorge will be living in at the villa Kujoyama, on a study tour focusing on Japanese cabinet-making.