Designing new layouts for the Laboratoire, Mathieu Lehanneur has created functional spaces on the borderline between art and science: LaboBrain is a private think-tank, LaboShop, a public sales outlet.


Display/hide – Schizoid Jekyll & Hyde is on the job in this split personality space. By day the LaboShop is a bookshop-sales outlet for experimental pieces straight from the Laboratoire, like the  ‘Whif’ aroma inhaler, or ‘Andrea’, a commercial version of the ‘Bel Air’ prototype.


Come night tho’, the entire commercial fit-out retracts to ceiling level to become luminous caissons, freeing up the floor-space for people invited to the FoodLab piloted by Thierry Marx, a place for culinary and molecular experimentation, otherwise located at basement level.


However small it may be, this is a volume that has eyes bigger than its belly thanks to a remote-controlled pantograph system.  Mobile architecture that reconfigures as if by magic, as fantasy-ridden as vintage cameras with their fold out/fold in (display/hide) mechanisms, in disappearing floor and ceiling.


Le Laboratoire
4 rue de Bouloi
75001 Paris
M° Palais Royal
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Mathieu Lehanneur, designer. Graduated from ENSCI-Les Ateliers in 2001; is currently exploring possibilities in nature and technology for their break-thru potential in functions and their capacity to work magic. Made his international début with a series entitled ‘Elements’ (VIA Carte blanche 2006) and the ‘Bel Air’ filtering system for plants (2007), six objects that form a domestic ‘Health Angels’ kit for rebalancing everyday physiological needs (such as lack of sunlight in winter) and countering aggression factors in urban settings (noise & air pollution).