‘Luminous, generous and comfortable’: Maria Fabiola Frénoy sees the 2009 collection as an anti-crisis antidote that gets back to the basics of the brand name. Best sellers are out front and presented in extended ranges that anticipate all the needs of users. Aregarding the work at hiome departmnent, a series storage units fills out a more functional version of the ‘Big Boss’ desk and the very surprising “Cublo libre” concept appears in the collection.

« Big Boss »

Design Marco Zanuso jr (2009)

crédits photos : Ribon

Following on from a glass top ‘secretaire’ resolution that made the success of the ‘Big boss’ desk, the range extends to a computer-enabled version that is closer to the functional needs of most users. A bookshelf and storage unit fill out the range for a home-office installation that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

‘Big Boss’ desk for computer


Two drawers with a pull-out table-top in front and cable trays in the rear.
The plateau opens to 180°
Dimensions 120 x 58 x h 73cm
Finish White lacquer, dark oak veneer, legs in chrome steel

‘Big boss’ storage unit on wheels

3 Tiroirs à ouverture « touche-lâche » pour une utilisation optimale
Dimensions 44 x 52 x h 55 cm
Finitions : Laqué Blanc et Chêne foncé, roulettes chroméesWith 3 ‘finger-tip’ open-and-shut drawers for optimum function.
Dimensions 44 x 52 x h 55 cm
Finish : White lacquer, dark oak veneer, chrome wheels.

‘Big Boss’ bookshelf

With stackable cases.
Dimensions 102 x 58 x h 190 cm
Finish : White lacquer, dark oak veneer, uprights in chrome steel

‘Cubo libre’ desk
Design by Francesc Rife (2009)

Playful and functional, ‘Cubo libre’ is definitely the conversation piece of this collection. Shut, it is a cubic monolith whose only quality is not to take up too much space. Open, it is a fully equipped desk that swings on an impressive hinge to offer all the usual services expected of a home-office desk, even doubling as a seat-on-multi-directional wheels. A ‘compact concept’, all in, ‘Cubo libre’ will be on the market in two sizes next June.

026ambianceok Dimensions
– 90 x 47 x h73 cm
Model with 3 drawers & 1 CD rack in mobile part.
1 pull-out table-top for printer in fixed part.

– 120x77xh73cm
Model with 3 drawers & 1 CD rack in mobile part. Side door dissimulates extra storage space with 2 adjustable shelves.
Finish Exterior lacquer coat, comes in 4 colours: black, white, moka and anthracite.
Interior lacquer coat, pearl grey

Credits photos Big Boss : Ribon

Crédits photos Cubo Libre : Artelano