For his first solo show in the States, Jean Marc Gady will be presenting ‘French Cancan’ at Gallery R’Pure in New York from 25 March 2009 until the ICFF in May. Three new pieces illustrate his gift for juggling the codes of luxury labels and using traditional savoir-faire. With a saucy subtext and a Gallic touch, ‘French Cancan’ is a light installation that plays on movement, accumulation and the side-tracking of basics. It suggests a peek up dancers’ skirts in elegant design.


‘French Cancan’

‘A saucy evocation of dancers’ skirts in movement, “French Cancan” is a split second decomposition study of a dance step. A pleated lampshade multiplies to shape a sculptural wheel’, says Jean Marc Gady. Slow motion and a zoom-in impart new function to the piece as a space separator. The savoir-faire of fine sewn pleats allied to a freestanding structure – regardless of size there is no loss of quality finish.

Dimensions : H  185 cm/ L  185 cm / W 75 cm
Materials : Steel structure / pleated white or black fabric / 23 watt compact fluo source

‘Gourmet’ presentation tray

This food tray reflects the same research into ways of ‘transforming what is banal and basic into a new ensemble’. ‘Gourmet’ isolates and unites in a carambole of several faïence plates of different sizes. This accident of ‘plates suddenly joined to one another creates a new typology for a tableware object. An apparently simple exercise, but one that mobilized all the know-how of Faïences de Longchamp to keep things in balance’.

Dimensions : L 53 cm /  W 37 cm
Material : Longchamp faïence
Colours : white (other colours also available).

A.M.O.’ vase

Not an acronym but the well-known abbreviation for ‘ammunition’, this large vase sits off balance to create an illusion of movement. It is like a cannon with no gun carriage sitting on a base, caught in a frozen instant that defies the laws of gravity. All it ever fires is a floral display, with no detonation.

‘A.M.O.’ renews expressions like ‘say it with flowers’ – this is the only way to fight.
During the show, two ‘A.M.O.’ vases will be set face to face at a distance of 2,5 metres: the war of the roses.

Dimensions : H 47,5 cm / L 53,5 cm / W 30 cm
Materials : Blown pyrex / Corian© base.


Jean Marc Gady ‘French Cancan’
3 East 19th Street
New York, NY 10003
Ph. 646 572 3869

from 25 March to 19 May 2009
Open Monday to Thursday 11 am to 5 pm or by appointment

Opening party Wednesday 25 March
5 pm to 7 pm

Save the date : After New York, “French Cancan” will be in Paris next september during Maison & Objet in Paris at the wellknown design retailer <<Forum Diffusion>>, 55 rue Pierre Demours 75017 Paris.

Jean Marc Gady, designer, born in Paris in 1971, graduated from the Ecole Bleue in 1997. Gady proposes a style in which elegance and humour are ever present. He has been awarded several VIA permanent call project grants and works in a broad field that includes scenography, design and interior architecture. His references include LOUIS VUITTON, APPLE computers, BACCARAT, MOET & CHANDON, CHRISTOFLE, SEPHORA, LIGNE ROSET, LIV’IT, GUERLAIN. Jean-Marc Gady was art director for LOUIS VUITTON showcases and events from 2002 to 2006. Recently he set up his own creation office.


Gallery R’Pure debuted in New York in May 2007.The showroom promotes the creative vision of the R’Pure collective of designers with R’Pure Collection, a line of furniture and objects, as well as the work ofemerging designers and artists that share the same artistic approach to design : creations that combine poetry and storytelling, creativity and craft, material and savoir-faire.The gallery welcomes interior designers, design lovers, collectors, people looking for pieces that will add some poetry to an interior –objects that they won’t see everywhere. This space is a stop fordiscovering new and exclusive pieces, for allowingthe surprise for being seduced. Gallery R’Pure collaborates with guest artists and designers with specific and unique talents from all over the world. The encounter between Jean-Marc Gady and Gallery R’Pure was evidence. We are very proud to introduce his personal work in the U.S.


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