Based in Eindhoven (NL) and a frequent exhibitor on the world circuit, from Moss to Experimenta, French designer Julien Carretero explores the possibilities of artisan creation in objects that are lively, vibrant and in constant phase-change. This is hands-on design, sensual and self-made, inscribed in the sinuous lines of one-off/industrial pieces in the manner of Gaetano Pesce. What it tells us that a designer can’t be just a thinking head, since the most important thing is to put a craftsman’s feeling into the fabrication process.


To be continued (2007-2009)
Exploring variation via repetition, To be continued is a set of objects (bench, shelves, cabinet) made by moulding an initial form and repeating it in successive overlays with slight variations. These repeated ‘imperfections’ create proliferating extrusion, like a monstrous and fascinating outgrowth that the designer stops at the right moment.
photo credits: Julien Carretero

Drag (2009)
Drag uses a traditional technique for making  ornamental cornice mouldings using synthetic plaster. Half-pieces are rotated on a central axis as the plaster sets, then assembled to form a complete round turn. Several different typologies of objects (lamps, utility table, stool) have been made and each piece is unique. A minimal industrial process that integrates organic imperfection.

This is a fan (2008)

Computers, cars, ventilators… all use fans, which although usually hidden by a grating shield are components of many everyday objects. This is a fan proposes an alternative presentation of this device, which is as functional as it is discreet. A protecting cage designed as a case/support in which the fan is simply strapped suddenly brings it to life. Fragile and naked.

This is a fan won the Seb prize at the Design Parade 2009 festival at the Villa Noailles (Hyères).

Studio Carretero calendar of events

1 2 3, Moss, 150 Greene Street, New York, US
starting 16 May 2009
REPEAT PLEASE, Stedelijk Museum ‘S-Hertogenbosch, Magistratenlaan 100, ‘S-Hertogenbosch, NL
from 17 June to 13 September 2009
LAPSE IN TIME, ExperimentaDesign Lisbon, P
from 9 September to 11 November 2009

Julien Carretero, designer. After completing courses at the ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres in Paris and the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, Julien Carretero did a Master’s degree at the Eindhoven Design Academy under tutor Gijs Bakker of Droog Design fame. Diploma in hand, he did a two-year stint with Maarten Baas before setting up his own studio in Eindhoven. The guideline of his work is the production of objects considered as a process in perpetual development: alive and unpredictable.