After Philippe Starck and Yann Arthus Bertrand, Mathieu Lehanneur is the third French creator invited to speak at the prestigious TED conference to be held at Oxford this 21 to 24 July – the second edition of TED Global.

TED for Technology Entertainment Design gives 18 minutes non-stop to  designers, researchers and inventors from all over the world, whatever their sphere of activity, to deliver a pitch to an audience of scientists, creators and businessmen. A pitch in this case means ‘an idea that deserves to be spread’ to change the world. Shorter than a Collège de France lecture, longer than a TV interview, a TED talk strikes a balance in between. Like a Davos for creative minds, TED seeks solutions where political heads argue policy. Its success has expanded world-wide since its inception 20 years ago, when it was comparable to a synod for the happy few of Californian technophiles. – the site via which the talks go on-line – is now a new global mass media, editing in 40 languages and using the rules of show business to promote ideas that are always innovative and often revolutionary.

Mathieu Lehanneur will be presenting his work on interactions between the living world and the domestic sphere, using as his framework of reference the cartography of the human brain – fountainhead of inspiration, parabolic antenna and end user of design research. Non conventional design blazing new trails since 2001.
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