Tamawa is a radical style exercise that uses bakelite spheres as a mono material. It is a design story that takes up there where the seminal ‘Hang it all’ by Charles & Ray Eames lifted off in the 50s: coloured balls (the official snooker colour line-up) varying from 112mm to 16 cm in diameter. This is the framed vocabulary that designer Hubert Verstraeten has used to create a range of objects in unlimited conception. After bead jewellery and bodywear, the collection has moved on to accessories and homeware in collaboration with the Big Game collective, to be exhibited this September at the Maison & Objet fair.


‘Tamawa’ is Japanese for ‘bead on steel ring’, and the young Belgian producer has used the play on words in context to propose an elegant and playful range. Leaving aside the ‘snooker ball’ folklore, bakelite is clearly a pure and profound industrial material whose plastic qualities are not confined to billiard tables. The idea of a game is still there, but the play is formal. Composing infinite combinations – from the semi-precious accessory to furniture – using a small sphere seems so basic. The next step will be when Tamawa mobilizes other designers – French and international – in 2010.


Now ! Design à Vivre
Hall 5B Stand U21-T22
4 to 8 september 2009