R’Pure Studio (Raison Pure Design Group) with Viktor&Rolf were awarded a Lion du Design* in the Cosmetics & Beauty category for their ‘Flowerbomb’ St Valentine 2008 project. The  brief behind the winning piece called for expanding the  provocative and offbeat world of Viktor&Rolf by pushing the concept of something secret to its paroxysm – ‘Flowerbomb’ is a fragrance that goes boom. An arm in any sense of the word, to be kept under wraps till the right time. A strong-box served to evoke the danger and secrecy of perfume. An inviolate pink case, whose quality finish and detailing ensure it will be treasured, used again and again for intimate things.

Following on a silver medal at the European Design Awards and a bronze at the Pentawards 2009, the Cannes prize consecrates the approach developed by R’Pure for objects tailored for Cosmetics clients, of which Jean Paul Gauthier, Dyptique, Viktor&Rolf and Guerlain. ‘This is an approach in which creativity takes precedence over marketing, the idea being to produce a genuine design piece that is seductive in its story-line and finish and yet aware of industrial constraints. With production at hundreds of thousands, it’s just as gratifying as some pieces of furniture we’ve made in series of several hundred’, says Sébastien Servaire, founder of R’Pure.

* Les Lions du design celebrate the use of design in a creative project to sway consumers and help carry the label or product message. Submissions are selected for their creativity, originality and workmanship, and for their ability to involve buyers. Categories include Packaging design, Brand Identity and Environmental Design.  Design Lions do not apply to product design or architecture.

R’Pure Studio. Bold and realistic, and with the love of the Applied Arts as a credo, R’Pure infiltrates the structural identity of  products. Sébastien Servaire, founder of the studio, is a man with a passion for fine materials and the people who shape them. Industrialists and artisans are the natural partners of projects by R’ Pure, inventing the creative and technical solutions necessary to the perfect formal resolution of packaging, product and graphic design. R ‘Pure Studio is active on the cosmetics, spirits and foodstuffs markets, implementing an approach to objects at the service of brand names – it is the explorer satellite charting new territories for the Raison Pure group.