There are so many born-dead projects floating about we sometimes forget that – before anything else – design is an exacting discipline in which function gives nothing away to style, and technical innovation is there to serve real user protocols and not just the sales pitch. With their ‘Silver Art’ range for Rowenta, elium studio has made this clear, demonstrating how French elegance can inform industrial design. Five pieces compose the breakfast set – espresso machine, coffee percolator, toaster, electric jug and juice extractor –  enacting subtle crossovers from kitchenware to tableware, and from function to décor. Purity of line and high finish given to materials (brushed stainless steel, wood) in series products opens a new window on these archetypes of modern living: in the ‘Grand Hotel’ spirit, modest everyday accessories for preparing and serving accede to the status of potential collector’s pieces. The range reflects the way elium studio uses technology – efficiency must always be user friendly. This is the right stuff in the French vein, expressing clear balance between function and form, and if we insist on this it is to salute value at a time when so many so called ‘creative gestures’ bundled up with a label pretend to be design.


Silver Art espresso machine

With its stainless steel casing and advanced technique, the sober lines of this espresso machine establish the compact funnel-like form chosen by the designers to carry the Silver Art range. Inbuilt performances include 15 bars of pressure, optipress function and thermoblock heating system, which ensure that flavour and aroma go into the cup and stay there under a cream-like layer of steam bubbles. The patented optipress system guarantees optimal extraction of aroma agents by gradual and thorough pulping of ground coffee. Thermoblock heating maintains ideal temperature from the first to the last cup. User-friendly, the stop is automatic for 1 or 2 cups while water level is visible in the moveable reservoir (0,8 litre). Coffee-lovers will also appreciate the hot plate and the steam spout.

Retail price: 199,49 euros


Silver Art coffee percolator

Functional features include double water level for filling the exposed reservoir, integrated filter support and back-lit on/off monitor with automatic stop. The percolator also has a thermos that keeps coffee hot up to 4 hours. Shiny stainless steel and wood impart ultra refined finish.

Voltage: 1000 W — Capacity: 10 cups

Retail price: 139,49 euros


Silver Art toaster

This is a smart toaster that keeps track of details, with an electronic thermostat (six settings) and a de-freeze function, ensuring desired browning in minimum time. An accessory for heating up pastries and keeping crescent rolls or buns warm also serves as a warm toast rack. A high ejection lever extracts even small pieces of toast with no risk of scorched fingers…

Voltage: 1100 W — Crumb collector, cord storage

Retail price : 99,49 euros


Silver Art electric jug

This jug has a 2200 w element that brings up to 1,7 litres of water to swift boil. It fills directly under the tap thanks to its easy automatic opening hood. Once full it sets down simply on its power base. An anti-scale filter keeps particles from altering the quality of water. The back-lit on/off button makes for easy visualization of mode. Switch-off is automatic once water is at the boil.

Voltage: 2200 W — Base 360°

Retail price: 89.49 euros


Silver Art juice extractor

Dual-rotation cone with automatic start by slight pressure makes extracting juice easy and efficient. Pips and pulp are strained by a metal grate leaving pure juice in the large reservoir (1,2 litres).

Voltage: 25 Watts — Base 360°

Free positioning on power base

Retail price: 79.49 euros