‘Che fare’ (do what), a question without a question mark for an exhibition that side-steps the clichés of the routine production of objects and the situation of design in general. Do what? Enzo Mari, maestro and moral conscience of design, with Gabriele Pezzini, seeker of exactness in design: two generations faced with the same problems, both advocates of a regard focused on what is essential doing what they know how to do best: analyse and decipher.

This four-handed manifesto-exhibition around a text entitled ‘Che fare’ adopts a stance that does not proceed by half measures; both creators will be showing some of their signature pieces to stimulate discussion. A parallel initiative that confirms the indestructibility of Italian design right down to its DNA, ever ready to project a lucid awareness of reality. The show will be opening at the Alain Gutharc gallery in Paris early in the New Year.

‘Che fare’

Enzo Mari / Gabriele Pezzini

from 9 January to 20 February 2010

Galerie Alain Gutharc
7 rue Saint-Claude
75003 PARIS
+33 (0)1 47 00 32 10.