All the  ‘Log’ collection needed to assure its popularity  hands down was a sofa. And now it has got one with this new model by Patricia Urquiola for the french company Artelano : cushion seat for improved comfort plus back- and arm-rest cushions to confirm the wrap-around look.
Sewn details are distinctly chic with a choice of elegant fabrics borrowed from the menswear department. But the piece still retains the me-Tarzan character of the very first ‘Log’ armchair, with its structure in solid wood and rough-hewn stocky figure.

Dimensions  187 x 85x h 63cm
Structure in solid beech core wood worked & lathed
Finishes: natural grain satin varnish or black lacquer
All-over textile cover
Suggested retail price: from 4160 euros in white, natural grain finish
Photos by Ribon