Read all about it – the first eco-design piece made by Artelano ! The ‘Ecco’ bookshelf  designed by Ora-Ito is built of recycled material derived from sustainable stands. It is assembled without screws, by simple interlocking of components : Ecco !’- and up it goes.

Light yet generous, Ecco is an environment-friendly solution for keeping books and objects tidy, and can be  put against the wall or laid out as a romm divider. Its design is playful and photogenic, with lines that recall the 70s – the signature style of the designer.

Dimensions 200x40x65cm
Timber-based honeycomb wafer components originate from sustainable stands.
Satin lacquer finish: black or white
Product 100% environment friendly
Suggested retail price: 3200 euros
Photos by Ribon