However much Frédéric Ruyant has devoted these last two years to fascinating yet confidential research work via a sub-contracting agency for firms such as Maison Martin Margiela, Tupperware and Diesel, the year 2010 will mark his reentrance to the columns of certain magazines and journals which will present his projects for the Mobilier National, the Manufacture de Beauvais, Macé/Adform, the Biennial Event at St. Etienne, the Manufacture de Sèvres, Toulemonde Bochart, the Centre Pompidou, and finally as the culminating point, for his own personal exhibition in the autumn at the Tools Gallery.  As regards objets d’art, he accommodates EVCT and ENO from the beginning of the year with two entertaining works, quite different in style from the cerebral focus so often promoted in projects such as his Carte Blanche VIA or his emblematic “Furnishings Online”.

“Flora allegoria” vase

An object of versatility, a sort of lyrical counterbalancing device, this vase designed by Frederic Ruyant calls to mind the interplay he is fond of cultivating with entities by use of beguilement and the unexpected.
A kind of mirror-effect, a transparent and watery reflection, “Flora Allegoria” provides a hospitable receptacle to even the smallest bouquets in the world for the world’s most amorous of hearts.  Produced in a limited series of twelve copies, signed and numbered by and at the initiative of  Marianne Guerin and Cendrine de Susbielle.  (EVCT collection) 210 euros a pair.

“En Verre et Contre Tout, a vase for a flower”, exhibition at Espace Modem, until February 26, 2010.   Phone:  33(0)148870818.  Address: 25 rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris.  Monday through Friday from 10am ‘til 7pm.  By appointment on Wednesday and Saturday.
Crédit photo : Joao Torres

“Nestor’s nest”
“Nestor’s Nest” is a nesting space originally designed as a simple box, Frederic Ruyant having desired it as something light, clever and easy to assemble, without the use of glue, screws or anything of the sort.  Practical and without attachements, it slips in one movement onto the branch of your favourite tree and there awaits its future occupants, fully capable of providing for them; made of cork, insulated and waterproof, it will protect them sufficiently in all kinds of weather.

Produced by ENO, at less than 30 euros.   Measurements:  20×20.