From 24 to 28 March 2010, Benjamin Graindorge will be  presenting his ‘IkebanaMedulla’ vase with the  YMER&MALTA gallery at the Pavillon des Arts et du Design 2010, along with two lamps. ‘IkebanaMedulla’ is a study in weightlessness, an in-line sketch made real, a tangible result of the designer’s six-month residence at the villa Kujoyama.

Benjamin Graindorge is a draughtsman-designer who puts matter to the test of his line drawing. The setting into tension of sketch and resolution is the end term of a process that often begins with a minute detail: a slight movement, a shiver of plantlife, a metallic resonance that sets off his imagination. He is passionately involved with designing contemplative objects, shrine-like points for meditation in the home, alert sensors that reflect our most fleeting thoughts.

From his stay in Japan he has brought back elegant themes, light years away from the postcard clichés of Zen-land tourists. Ikebana, the Japanese art of floral composition, is one of them. But Graindorge has added the medulla to it: as intimate as marrow, an almost bestial presence. This is a vase that confronts purity of line to the substance of flesh and bone, that sets immobility pulsing with the dynamic violence of life. The animal spirit imprisoned in its cage.

‘When I began designing the IkebanaMedulla vases two things were foremost in my mind. The first was practical – design a vase that would be inhabited even when there were no flowers in it. The second was to think out a project whose form would bring together complete calm with a wild – almost animal – tension. I’m exploring the idea of natural savagery, and the IkebanaMedulla vases are my first attempt at a resolution.’

‘IkebanaMedulla’ is inhabited, like a spring of water – a trickle that seems to be immobile but which comes to life when we approach it. With its inwardness and strange beauty, this Medusa-like vase is between animal and machine, like a mechanical spider out of Matrix. A new step in the composition of domestic interior landscapes – a sphere that has kept  Benjamin Grandorge busy since the start of his young career.
The display is presented by Valerie Maltaverne, who for two years now has been laying down a hard editorial line at the YMER&MALTA gallery, where industrial rigour meets the passion of collectors.

Polyamide stem filled with glass marbles, vase in ABS, matt carriagework paint finish & tin trim.
Dimensions – L 380 / W 270/ H760 cm

“Ikebanamedula” par Benjamin Graindorge

Pavillon des Arts et du Design 2010
Jardin des Tuileries
Entrée 234, rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris
Esplanade des Feuillants – Face rue de Castiglione

From 24 to 28 March 2010