After the quality of domestic air with ‘Andrea’, Mathieu Lehanneur has turned his attention to the quality of sleep. Designed for the Hôtel de Marc in Rheims (France), where guests of the Veuve Clicquot champagne house often suffering from jet lag stay, ‘Once upon a dream’ is the ideal room for swift rest-&-resynchronization – sweet deams guaranteed.  Between the Sand Man and home cinema, this unit for slumber was designed using tried and tested data gathered in physiological studies for treating people who suffer from chronic insomnia. (Which was the case of the Widow Clicquot, the founder of the firm).

Based on Docteur Alain Nicolas ‘s work, specialist of sleep in France (Lyon), going to sleep is like stepping off into another state, sifting down into consciousness by successive stages. Each phase is stage-set by the story-teller (Lehanneur), preparing mind and body for abandonment to sleep.

Chapter 1 : automatic curtain closure, the interior show begins. Visually re-defined, the mental slate of the sleeper-to-be is erased for change of consciousness and production of dream.

Chapter 2 :  Overall room temperature falls 2° to 19° C.

Chapter 3 : With barely a touch, the user activates the automatic light dimmer via the plant hanging over the bed – a reminiscence of the briar protecting Sleeping Beauty. In fifteen minutes, light dims from 1000 Lux to 0.

Chapter 4 : During the light-dimming phase, low-volume white noise acoustically isolates the sleeper from external sounds.  This purr created by adding together barely audible frequencies is used to put certain patients into a Non Ordinary State of Consciousness (NOSC) prior to telepathic experiments. The brain homes in on the neutral swish, and with ideal body temperature, sleep comes.

Chapter 5 : Wake-up. Temperature rises by 2°. Light intensity increases from 0 to 2500 Lux in fifteen minutes. A new day begins.

« Once upon a dream » was lauched in Milan last week together with the “Gloriette” by the Campana’s brothers. It will be set in Reims at the Hôtel du Marc after a world tour trip.

Photos credits : Felipe Ribon