The plume of air-borne ash that recently grounded even the jet set for days in Northern Europe reminded us all that air space is our common heritage, precious and fragile… On the domestic scale, the air that we share where we live and work, that we breathe in and out together, is an essential component of our environment – no longer intangible and to be taken for granted. The cleaning of air has to be made patent. TLV in partnership with Philips and Ahlstrom was quick to respond to this trend with a plug-in air purifier – PLAIN AIR – designed by Patrick Norguet.

As the European number two in hospital equipment, TLV has developed a miniaturized air purifying device able to work in the most stringent conditions and suited to the needs of both healthcare professionals and householders – a device for both the corporate and general public markets

PLAIN AIR cleans air by accomplishing three major tasks:

breaking down the main pollutants (CO2, dioxins, formaldehyde, ozone, …) to avoid risk of people contracting ‘Sick Building Syndrome’, which causes nausea and dizzy spells to people who stay too long in a confined space.

efficient disinfection of air-borne bacteria, spores,  moulds, yeasts and viruses, thus limiting the risk of contamination and infection even in pandemic periods;

swift de-odorization of unpleasant biological and chemical smells by changing contaminated elements into natural molecules.

All three of these de-polluting actions are carried out using the Photocatalysis Oxidation miniaturized technology developed by TLV, which uses Philips light sources to mineralize pollutant particles and turning them into natural molecules. The device has been tested by the Institut Pasteur and by university hospitals in Lyons. PLAIN AIR was released on the retail market on 1st May 2010. Originally developed for healthcare environments and waiting rooms for medical professionals, it is now available to the general public. The unit looks like a simple plug-in, wall-mounted appliance. Its auto-regenerating filter has to be yearly replaced twice a year, while integrated Philips lamps have an anticipated life span of 8000 hours (one year  continuously). A standing version  that can be moved around the house is currently being developed.

Care in meeting the requirements of both professionals and private people is reflected in the design of the unit. TLV hired Patrick Norguet to give form to the technical qualities of the air purifier, and the designer has made a perfect response.  Best known for his furniture design, Norguet has worked for many big international manufacturers. With this new product, he shows us that his range is unlimited. Organic and precise in its resolution, PLAIN AIR breathes efficiency. It is an artificial and yet sensual air vent that may remind some people of the Origin of the world, and that fits easily into any type of interior.

PLAIN AIR is on sale since 1st May, retail price 1500 euros tax inc.

Photo credits : Ribon