At Galerie BSL from 17th September to 27th November 2010, Duende Studio is proposing ‘Domestic Ponds,’ a piece of work about the pond as a domestic water point, with three new pieces by Mathieu Lehanneur, Benjamin Graindorge and Eric Jourdan. ‘A liquid hollow, a matrix swarming with life, the pond is a true open air breeding spot, the antithesis of a vase or an aquarium’ for Anthony van den Bossche / Duende Studio.The water, overflowing with nutrients, drawn from the bottom of the garden, irrigates as well as fertilises the vegetable garden.’ This practice is pushed to its limit with aquaponic agriculture allowing the symbiosis of fish and plants. The plants are nourished by the fish water full of nitrate-rich waste. The plants therefore play the role of natural filter by retaining the nitrates and assist in maintaining balanced water for the fish.

For two years, Duende Studio has been developing a work of adaptation of the principle of aquaponics in the domestic world, with two prototypes produced with Mathieu Lehanneur (‘Local River,’ 2008) and Benjamin Graindorge (‘Floating Garden,’ 2009). Today, the research and experimentation process has been taken even further, with a three piece limited edition series presented and edited by Galerie BSL. Three new projects the functioning of which requires minimum maintenance by the user, by three designers who each impose a radical plastic interpretation of the pond for three foundation stones of a new domestic typology. A metaphoric ecosystem of our way of living, that is, a closed world whose primary problem is the management of its own waste, for which the series ‘Domestic Ponds’ formally and technically brings the most successfully completed response.

‘Domestic ponds’ by Duende Studio with Mathieu Lehanneur, Benjamin Graindorge and Eric Jourdan

17th September to 27th November 2010

Preview and Press presentation Thursday 16th September 2010

Galerie BSL

23 rue Charlot

75003 Paris


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