Whilst waiting for the arrival of the young Belgian designer this October at Bon Marché’s Galerie Imaginaire, Tamawa will be making an appearance at the Maison & Objet Show in Paris with a collection which has been diversified by the addition of a new watch to the accessory and jewellery range. Playing definitively on the purity and simplicity of Bakelite beads, Hubert Verstraeten, the artistic director of the brand, is proposing a brand new watch model larger than the previous one. Called the TW35 40, it is made entirely in Europe. The face, made up from a 35 mm bead is available in the brand’s usual colours. The interior of the watch face is available in silver and black, just like the hands, thus permitting many combinations with the 8 Bakelite colours.

The black leather bracelet is available in a double or single length. The retail price is 268 Euros. The collection of objects is also expanding with the presentation of a pepper/salt cellar to Maison & Objet, revealing Tamawa’s interest in tableware, as well as a USB key to be added to the designer’s existing range of key-rings and accessories. A rich Parisian autumn then, for Tamawa, who with its presence at Bon Marché from October until the Christmas period, will be able to offer its essential but fun line to the Parisian public.

Tamawa at Maison & Objet

Stand J181 Hall 7

3rd to 7th September 2010

Parc des expositions, Paris-Villepinte

Tamawa at Bon Marché

Galerie Imaginaire

2nd floor

30th October to 31st December 2010.

Tamawa. Exercising radical style, Tamawa exclusively uses Bakelite beads. It maintains a history in design which takes off exactly from where the mythical “Hang it all” by Charles & Ray Eames stopped: 8 colours (the official snooker colours) made from 2 to 16 cm diameter beads, this is the designer Hubert Verstraeten’s scope for the unlimited conception of a range of objects. Today, the collection which began with jewellery, is expanding into accessories and objects for the home (lamp, photo stands, coat stands) designed by Hubert Verstraeten and guest designers such as the Big Game collective or Sylvain Willenz. In Japanese, Tamawa literally means “bead on a steel ring.” The young Belgian designer is relying on the shift in focus to propose an elegant and fun range. Having moved away from its “snooker” image, Bakelite has immediately regained its pure and profound nature, the plastic qualities of which go beyond the snooker room. The idea of ‘play’ is there however, but in a formal way: infinite possibilities – from precious objects to furnishings – with this small sphere, as basic as it is essential.