From 15th to 24th October 2010, Superette will introduce the ‘Cocon’ (Cocoon) armchair at the Intérieur show in Courtrai. From the Latin supera, above, and –ette, a French diminutive, Superette is a new design company in Luxembourg. A super heroine of contemporary furniture dedicated to promoting inevitably ideal designs, Cocon fulfils the initial search: a perfect balance between creativity, functionality and humour.

The inaugural piece of a collection in progress, designed by Les M (Céline Merhand and Anaïs Morel), ‘Cocon’ is an armchair with a new typology, the irrefutable union of a seat and a duvet leading to the most comforting seat for reading, rest, and viewing on the market. An obvious item, inspired by a close observation of our daily routine, ‘Cocon’ fulfils maximum snuggling up pleasure for long TV sessions.

With Cocon, Superette goes back to the cocooning seat continuing from where Gaetano Pesce left it with ‘ I Feltri’ in 1987. An obvious connection with which Stéphanie Rollin, the founder of Superette, plays in order to best assert a basis for her sensitive and demanding line of design. A close eye should be kept on this young editor (she is only just 30) whilst waiting with impatience for the follow-up to the Superette range/saga.

‘Cocon’ armchair (2010)

Design :  Les M – Céline Merhand & Anaïs Morel

Material : removable and washable duvet, zip fastening

Size: 100x120x60 cm

Price on request