Guillaume Delvigne propose hybrid vase Dened for Specimen (France), based on a succession of positive contradictions, “Deneb” is a true functional and formal paradox. A vase separable from its base, but useless without it. Cork, a poor material, its technical mastery long forsaken, has become a rarity enhanced by the hand of a craftsman. Between the coolness of glass and the softness of cork, turquoise blue sparkles like a star whose name it bears. A giant blue star, whose destiny is to dissolve into a super nova.

Dimensions : 35x35x40

Materials : Cork-Glass

Technique : Digital manufacturing and blown glass

Limited edition – 25 pieces

Inheriter of comtemporary neo-classicism, Guillaume Delvigne extols a simple elegance based on the interplay of different materials and a clean cut design. He works with many editors and industrialists (Ricard, Industreal, Interscience), and is part of the artist design collective Dito. One of his creations has recently been selected by the national found of contemporary art in France.