The combinatorial Bloomingbless vase by Benjamin Graindorge for Cinna has been available since September in the French editor’s showrooms. A set of 3 pieces to compose that the designer aspired to be as simple and easy as possible, envisaged for a wide public with the Cinna standard of quality. “Bloomingbless is a vase to be composed like a bouquet, made from a play on transparency, it is not really known if there are 1, 2 or 3 objects. It is also a vase which offers life; it can hold small and large bouquets, where space and load can alternate, like calligraphy plays with spaces between the blank page and the ink.

Bloomingbless is a set comprising two hand blown blue glass vases (1 vase H23 Ø 13 and 1 oval vase H18 W16 L13) and a bottomless ring surrounding the two vases (H21.5 W31.5 L15.5).

Total dimensions of the ensemble: Length: 315, Height: 230, Width: 155

Benjamin Graindorge is one of the up and coming stars of French design. A graduate of ENSCI-Les Ateliers in 2006, his ‘Paysage domestique’ (Domestic Landscape) project received a grant from the VIA in 2007. For two consecutive years he was selected at the ‘Design Parade’ Festival (Hyères) and collaborated as an assistant with Mathieu Lehanneur, Eric Jourdan and the RADI designers, before winning the Cinna Competition and the design category of the Audi Talents Award in 2008. He regularly collaborates with Cinna and the Ymer & Malta Gallery. Benjamin Graindorge is the scenographer for the Saint-Etienne Design Biennial 2010 in tandem with François Bauchet. ‘Liquid Garden,’ produced in tandem with Duende Studio and edited by the Galerie BSL, is part of the permanent National Contemporary Art Collection (Paris).