Mathieu Lehanneur presents a preview of prototypes from the Efficient Home collection designed for Schneider Electric at the St Etienne Design Biennial. A range of elements destined to optimize the energy consumption of homes in order to obtain a significant reduction in our carbon footprint, whilst at the same time reducing the electricity bill whilst maintaining maximum comfort. An objective made possible by the accuracy of information communicated in real time by these transmitters/ receivers of electric information positioned on the key objects of our everyday consumption (boiler, fridge, television, etc…).

To put it more clearly, sensors will carry out a permanent vigil over the consumption before transmitting the information to receivers which permit a better regulation of this consumption. An internal network that you can also consult via the web, and which will be fitted by your electrician or heating engineer… unless you want to do it yourself! A collection of completely new products that the designer intended to be like an energy alphabet, conceived in essential pictograms and symbols, to become an identifiable family conveyed to complement each other.

Efficient Home by Mathieu Lehanneur for Schneider Electric

St Etienne Design Biennial

Exhibition “Demain c’est aujourd’hui” (Tommorrow is Today)

Curator: Claire Fayolle