Insiders will know that 39V, signed by Naço Architectures, has been open since September. A small haven of peace at 39 avenue George V on the top floor of a Haussmann building, nestling under the eaves of the Parisian rooftops. It is an ultra Parisian address without the usual clichés and with a gift for distancing itself from the city providing every reason to linger.

The 39V is first of all a unique address: a building on an island, that is, a building surrounded by four streets; unique in the world; cut off from the other buildings like a huge private townhouse. A topographical characteristic, that Naço Architectures has unlocked to make the restaurant the height of this out of town retreat: no “typical” view over the Parisian roofs; the structure of the 39V is designed like an upturned shell; scales of luminous plaster which reflect: the entertainment is the restaurant.

A narcissistic and circular venue, 39V gazes at itself through a completely glazed inner courtyard into which the Paris sky plunges. Customers are invited to stroll about on this mezzanine floor which will naturally lead them through the kitchens or the bar. Everything is entertainment and discretion, the paradox of an address which hides in order to show itself to its best advantage.

The restaurant itself opens onto an inner courtyard dominated by a monumental and interactive ovoid where the light and Parisian sky produced by Sophie Bruère is staged. Its terrace and limited capacity of 50 covers make it a welcoming place, on a human scale with access via a confidential entrance on 17, rue Quentin Bauchart.

Elegant, seductive and accurate, Frédéric Vardon’s cuisine, a former Ducasse pupil, draws its inspiration from French culinary patrimony and uses new techniques to interpret them in a contemporary way. Contemporary brasserie cuisine focussed on products which invariably respect the season and come from meticulously selected producers. An attention to detail provided by Naço, from the graphic design to the choice of settings, for this rare new address which is a must for your diary before it becomes overrun.



The 39V

39 avenue George V

75008 Paris

Tel. 01 56 62 39 05

Open from Monday to Friday

Metro George V or Alma Marceau