Initiated by N°111 with François Bauchet and Eric Jourdan, the Quatrième Mur was one of the ‘off’ exhibitions which spearheaded the event during the St Etienne Design Biennial 2010. In a former cinema and with this mysterious title, three ex- Saint Etienne students invited two of their ex-lecturers for a collective exhibition in the shape of ‘tribute-thanks-transmission’ with a result which lecturers and pupils alike can be proud of. The installation comprised everyday objects which, through their design and varying scales, gave rhythm and composition to the scenic space. The objective was to encourage the spectator to observe the objects from our domestic environment from a different angle and to reconsider the relationship between objects.

“The fourth wall evokes an intellectual wall separating the actor on the stage and the spectator in the room. The installation of the objects on a stage puts distance between them and the spectator. The goal of the distance is to lead the spectator to consider what is taking place on the stage with an investigative and critical eye. To distance, is to transform the thing that it is to be understood, to which attention is to be drawn, from something banal, known and immediately fixed, into something distinctive, unusual and unexpected. ” N°111



Eric Jourdan

Steel tube, wood


Floor Lamp


Metal, wood, LED strip

This project is a reflection upon lighting objects as generators of atmosphere and space. Light is diffused in an indirect way to encompass the place like micro architecture. On the stage, the shape of the lampshade is revealed according to the viewpoint: the profile becomes an established volume.




François Bauchet

Resin, marble top


Lounge chair


Wood, metal, Deschemaker wool cloth

“The profile of this project is designed in a way to evoke an image of an established landscape. It is a hybrid piece to be used freely, placed on ground level, a play between mass and fragility, volume and aerial. On stage, like theatre décor the Meridian offers different volumes and different layouts according to the viewpoint.



Pendant lights


Blown crystal

Photo credits Studio Caterin