Galerie Gosserez is exhibiting the German designer Valentin Loellamnn’s M&Mme collection, sensitive work about material and its power of evocation, the narrative mode of which also draws on a certain Dutch design: the contrast of nature and technical subjects, past and present. The collection has been conceived like a family led to develop over the course of new additions. Galerie Gosserez therefore invites you to witness these first three pieces at the beginning of a dynasty: a bench; a cabinet with a door and a cabinet with drawers produced in wood and polyester. Pieces of furniture to consider like the start of an alphabet, whose future generations will evolve as inevitable genetic branches dictate.

Cabinet with door

H 175 – W 50 – D 65 cm



H 33 – W 96 – D 33 cm


Cabinet with drawers

H 125 – W 61 – D 56 cm


Galerie Gosserez provides a universe full of energy, colour, freshness and simplicity, where humour and joie de vivre reign. It uniquely proposes contemporary furniture and decorative objects with pieces produced exclusively for the gallery by young international designers with established talent and, on the other hand, antiques from the 21st century, produced after 2000 by big names in design like Alessandro Mendini, Martin Szekely, the Campana brothers, François Azambourg, Emmanuel Babled and Ugo la Pietra, acquired by the gallery from different players in the art market. Pieces which are always rare, contemporary, functional and original, where the exception of sometimes more sculptural pieces is confirmed by what is required in terms of intelligence, culture and reference to the past to prompt the emotions of true experts. Galerie Gosserez is directed by Marie-Bérangère Gosserez, an auctioneer since 2005. Following her first gallery specialised in furniture and objects from the fifties (in particular ceramics), today she is opening a resolutely contemporary address, in the heart of the Marais at: 3 rue Debelleyme.