Lady Led by Omri BARZEEV (2010) at Galerie Gosserez (Paris). Combining materials  in a new innovative way, the Israeli designer Omri Barzeev created the Lady Led desk lamp. This lamp uses three strong but small led lights. The Leds are inserted in a heat shrinking plastic tube (the tube shrinks in diameter when heated), a feature that allows to hold the led lights without any screws. The copper body of the lamp gives it an elegant and clean look.

The two legs of the lamp are made of oak wood : they can move up or down the body of the lamp, in order to adapt the lighting angle or to play with the lamp appearance.

Materials: copper tube, special plastic that shrinks in diameter when heated, 3 leds lights.

Dimensions: L: 53 cm

Exclusive distribution in France by Galerie Gosserez.


Beautiful planets by Béatrix Li-Chin LOOS (2010/11)

Insolit sculpture vases, each one of which suggests a different planet of The Universe. The series plays with the mix of materials (wood, cardbox, leather and glass) and with the contrast between the rugged and the finished surfaces, in order to reach a new esthetics.

Each piece is an unique eco-design creation, each one being different from all the others through choice of materials, particular veins in the wood, and above all the result of what material left overs are available at a given moment.  Each planet is hand made and born out of the designer’s work.

The « mother earth – la terre est notre mère » motto serves as a reminder of our collective duty of care to our Planet. It’s also Beatrix Li-Chin Loos’ leitmotiv and the source of her ecogical inspiration.

Materials: Off-cuts of wood (elm, chipboard or medium), recycled card box, blown glass tube, recycled leather strap

Dimensions: diameter 15, 18, 21 and 28 cm

« Beautiful planets » collection is created in exclusivity for Galerie Gosserez. Unique pieces.



Gravel plant by Mieke MEIJER (2010)

Since 1959, Bernd and Hilla Becher’s photographs are a testimony of the architectural heritage of the recent industrial past in France, Germany, Belgium, England and the United States. In the second half of the twentieth century, a lot of those industrial production sites were destroyed. The Becher’s photographs in a sense form the last living trace of those anonymous buildings.  The young Dutch designer <<Mieke Meijer>> took her inspiration from this industrial archaeology and its spectacular volumes, to give them a new lease of life in a new context. Recreating their shape at a smaller scale and playing with their volumes, Mieke creates a new typology of home furniture, that can be used as a mix of a showcase, a desk or a shelf… with a strong architectural presence.

Materials : recycled oak, glass and kind of linoleum

Dimensions : H: 200 cm – W: 130 cm – D:  80 cm

Prototype of a limited edition of 5.



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