Both earthly and heavenly, Alina Alamorean’s work is first and foremost a burst of energy. Born in Romania in 1968 during one of the 20th century’s worst dictatorships, through her architect parents she acquired a taste for the world of art, sculpture and architecture, origins upon which her creations are today founded. Double edged rebellion and flight inspire resolutely non-conventional, rigorous yet emotional pieces, where the space is as important as the mass itself.

‘My jewellery is always voluminous: the pieces can be envisaged infinitely larger still, like geometrical and voluptuous objects. I do not want to adorn anyone, I do however aim to inspire a way of thinking, living and breathing.’

Alina Alamorean’s ars metallica associates crude and rough surfaces with polished and sensual outlines. Gentle as well as violent, her gold or silver creations always assume a reassuring and protective weight. Mirror-finish and blackened silver are combined, like two facets of one soul, whilst the bronze, cocoa, green or bluish pearls assert their strange and baroque character, witness to their own story. This very same search for truth leaves the stones in their natural state, their true character revealed through their natural defects.

Alina Alamorean’s leitmotiv is to think big, to take a step back to obtain an exact look and the right angle, which pushes her work beyond applied arts to the realms of an art nearing sculpture, reflecting her professed fascination for the work of Zaha Hadid or Ron Arad, Frank Gehry or Frank Lloyd Wright, to name but a few.

Born in Romania in 1968, Alina left her native country for France in 1990. After several years of intense struggle to bring her jewellery to fruition, she entered the BJO Formation jewellery school at rue du Louvre in Paris. She made up for lost time and within two years was an award winner at the HRD International Diamonds Awards 2005, the most prestigious contemporary jewellery competition. In 2007, she won First Prize thanks to ‘The Invincible Cape’: a 1.70 m wire netting magic cape, housing 574 uncut diamonds provided by Daniel Abittan. This innovative swirl, which envelopes the body with thousand Carat luciola, today features in the Diamond Museum collection in Anvers. In 2007, she won the Tahitian Pearl Trophy (Paris) and was an award winner at the Grands Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris in 2007 and 2008.

« Ars Metallica » by Alina Alamorean

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