Since “information is everywhere“,  what would happen if furniture itself became information ? Robert Stadler presents the installation “informed” from April 11th at Nilufar Gallery in Milan as part of the group show “Atomi”. Here, works by Martino Gamper, Studio Makkink&Bey and Marco Ferreri amongst others, as well as Andrea Branzi’s installation “Diagrammi” will be displayed.”informed” consists of 4 pieces – a mirror, a rug, a set of bookshelves and a stool -, each of which embodies the information they contain. “Form follows information” represents one of Robert Stadler’s main research themes on objects. The pieces will be displayed against a blue background, Internet’s predominant colour.

“i-mirror” together with “i-carpet” invert the letter “i” thus turning it into a functional exclamation mark : a reminder that we are the centre of our domestic environment, and that, therefore, we are free to choose the way in which we want to live in spite of advertising trying to promote predefined lifestyles.  “i-mirror” is carved from Carrara marble, a material traditionally used for figurative sculptures. Here the codes are reversed, the person is reflected by the mirror and the marble acts as its frame.

“i-carpet” represents the exclamation mark’s dot. The ellipse, which from a certain perspective, appears like a circle, can be removed from the rug like a piece of a puzzle. “i-carpet” is made of wool, hand-woven in Nepal. Personal belongings can be stored on shelves carved into “i-mirror’s” rear.

Robert Stadler. Co-founding member of RADI DESIGNERS (1992 – 2008), a collective that embodied a radically new and free generation of designers trained in digital tools, he questions and declines the object’s limits, as well as the boundaries between design and art. For this Austrian, trained at IED / Milan, as well as at ENSCI / Paris, objects are pure, concrete and inert material to be informed towards a functional state. By claiming the supremacy of the image and the information contained in each of his projects, he plays with the opposition between the precious and the modest, elegance and vulgarity, or the serious and the absurd, leading sometimes even to a total dissolution of the object.

Robert Stadler, represented by Carpenters Workshop Gallery, intervenes within the exhibition space, as well as he responds to public or private commissions. Amongst these the 3rd restaurant of the Corso chain, owned by Maison Thierry Costes, is about to open in Paris. His works appear in several private and public collections such as: Fondation Cartier, Centraal Museum Utrecht, FNAC and FRAC Pas-de-Calais.

“INFORMED” by Robert Stadler

From 11th of april to the end of may

Opening 11th of april at 6 PM

Nilufar Gallery

30/32 via della Spiga

20121 Milano

Tel 02 780 193