Specimen and Triode Design are joining forces by co-presenting an outstanding piece: “Pearl” by the designer Pierre Favresse and the artist/embroiderer Emmanuelle Dupont.  A collaboration prompted by the two editors for a piece which plays on the contrast between Pierre Favresse’s symmetrical and reversible precision and the organic preciosity of Emmanuelle Dupont’s embroidery, both a pattern and a support which covers, decorates and sets this opalescent glass pearl. “It is blown and moulded without devaluing our individual savoir- faire. In fact the design highlights both the technique and the material through light. The lamp is inspired by the world of embroidery and pearls. I thought that it would be interesting to look at embroidery in a different light by using it in three-dimensionally with glass. “Pierre Favresse

Functional and decorative, Pearl is a play on crystallisation, hybridisation, perfection and imperfection on which lies the quality of the know-how implemented: “Faithful to my favourite theme, the world of plants, this embroidery is machine-stitched, with a “satin” stitch on a water-soluble film, by guiding the thread and by varying the thickness, in order to end up with an organic web. Once the embroidery is completed, the film is completely dissolved in tepid water and the embroidery is free from any support. It then takes on the lamp’s curves and is creative with the crystal aspect of the glass, transparency, contrasts and shadows when the lamp is on or off.” Emmanuelle Dupont

Each lamp is unique with the delicate guipure forming a different web for each lamp, attached to the lamp with invisible starch glue. The lampshades/glass pearls are mouth-blown. Available in two versions with or without embroidery.

Limited edition Specimen / Triode

Dimensions h50x30x30

Material: glass, metal and cotton

Plain pearl without embroidery, retail price 1,800 Euros incl. VAT

Pearl with embroidery, retail price 2,200 Euros incl. VAT


“Pearl” lamp by Specimen and Triode Design

at Triode

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