Mathieu Lehanneur will launch “Soft Geometry” next week for Lasvit, a hudge and hybrid chandelier : “Sometimes the world is reduced to several large families: plant; animal; mineral. But it is the non-indentified organisms which escape this division. Living objects disrupt these established boundaries. Soft Geometry being an example of which. Halfway between quartz and gas, between mineral and animal, Soft Geometry is a stone which thinks and breathes. It was first noticed somewhere in Bohemia. It is difficult to know if it marks the beginning of a new cycle or if it is a vestige from a previous one…

“Bohemian Rapsody”

with Mathieu Lehanneur, Fabio Novembre and Nendo

Opificio 31, via Tortona 31

Opening night  april the 13th at 7 PM