We’re pleased to present sketches by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance of his new pieces on show next week for  Ceccotti Collezioni and Fasem.

Omaggio desk / Ceccotti Collezioni

Omaggio displays reverence to Carlo Molino, a master of Italian creation able to decompartmentalize disciplines and genres. Following in his footsteps, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance has a traditional, functional and emotional approach to design, where the art of doing takes precedence, where material and form are natural responses to our fundamental needs. Ceccotti Collezioni embodies this love for beautiful materials capable of producing wonderful creations that we wish to surround us; therefore the ideal manufacturer to pay tribute to Carlo Molino and his famous Cavour desk.


Niwa Table / Ceccotti Collezioni

Tsuboniwa gardens are the central point of traditional Japanese houses. They comprise a delicate microcosm, a reinterpretation of the surrounding landscape in the heart of a house. A subtle and fragile link between man and nature, tsuboniwa is a part of the exterior, a small patio, the space necessary to complete our domestic universe by reflecting a total image of the world surrounding it. The Niwa table is inspired by this gesture. The clean edges of the quadrilateral structure house a wooden pebble, an organic and fluid contrast, which seems to escape man’s control, a pebble polished by time and surrounding nature…



Deriva Table / Ceccotti Collezioni

The designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance has created a system of feet for the Deriva table which for him is extremely reminiscent of a blend of iodine and wet wood, “The driftwood is the central element of an old Dufour windsurf on which I learnt to navigate in the Bay of Morlaix. It is closely linked with the images of the bodies of old rigging encountered at the Douarnenez port building yards and further afield during my travels.” The Deriva design draws from these souvenirs and the Ceccotti Collezioni traditional and technical know-how, the feet have been produced with a 5 axis laser cutting machine, then assembled and completed entirely by hand.



Air Lux Collection / Fasem

The Air Lux collection executes the duality of fullness and emptiness by reformulating archetypes of the traditional leather seat, which is often regarded as ostentatious. Generally associated with the words solid, full and heavy, the Air Lux collection conserves the comfort of these standard armchairs, with an ethereal and fluid design creating visual confusion between a feeling of lightness and everyday sturdy comfort.

Mut chair / Fasem

One of leather’s main qualities is its ability to evolve and be enriched as it ages. The leather seats are deformed over time and truly fit the curves of the body. This sensual, organic interaction between user and object is the departure point for this project.

I cut the leather in relation to the body’s weight distribution on the seat. The pattern amplifies and channels the material’s deformation which creates a new object, a mutation generated by the user himself.

Benz Collection / Fasem

A chair collection whose design recalls the soft seats inside 70’s models of the famous German car brand. A reference that reminds me of comfort and a certain opulence. I have kept only the graphic vertical lines and extended them in the metal seat structure which defines their simple contours.



Sign tables / Fasem

Sign tables is a collection of tables whose leather covered steel structure, proposes a graphic game, a series of signs, an enigmatic alphabet revealed by the transparency of the glass top.


Hall 5 Stand G6


Ceccotti Collezioni

Hall 20 Stand E29

showroom Via gastone Pisoni, 2


Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance