In the collection designed especially for Galerie Gosserez, Piergil Fourquié explores the concept of balance, applied to the design of everyday objects: static balance; dynamic balance; the balance of systems, eco-systems; the balance of bodies and to pursue the metaphor, the balance of minds, to achieve serenity. A design which blends technical choices (materials, overhang) with a refined finish.

Through about ten objects, all original, Piergil demonstrates:

-Cantilever balance through the ‘Big Boss’ desk

-Dynamic balance with the ‘Partition’ shelf which is built and dismantled

-Group balance, through the infinite number of ‘Totems’ compositions

-Balance of the suspended membrane in the ‘Bulles’ (Bubbles) collection

-Balance of the aquatic environment, symbolised by the ‘Vanda’ aquarium

Objects, from which an evidence, profound peace is emitted, to border an essential balance, ours, which exists in our life and our domestic environment. ‘Balance: from the Latin aequilibrium, from aequus ‘equal’ and libra ‘balance, weight.’ A concept which describes situations where the ‘forces’ present – the parts in the case of a metaphor – are equal, or such that none surpasses the others.’

‘Cantilever: an installation is known as cantilever when an element is supported by a part which is above space; that is without immediate support below the ‘cantilever’ element. A cantilever installation carries the risk of imbalance or of rupture in the event of overloading as it depends on the solidity of the supports.’

The ‘Big Boss’ Desk

Drawing inspiration from architectural constructions using the cantilever principal, the lacquered metal skirt gives a solid volume on which the entire desk depends. This support contrasts with the light oak suspended top which juts out over an empty space.

The choice of material is a metaphor for a ‘sports coupe’ car: the metallic exterior reflects the immediate environment and hides the user’s legs. The refined topstitched leather interior creates a warm protective cocoon favourable to work. The elegance of the lines hides all that is to be hidden: computer cables; electric wires; drawer. Materials: oak; topstitched leather and metal.

Edition Galerie Gosserez: 12 models + 1 prototype

‘Partition’ shelf

This shelf looks like a musical score; the lacquered metal crosspieces punctuate and give rhythm to the entire piece of furniture, graphically and sculpturally. The way to fix it provides great flexibility and gives each user the possibility of forming their own score depending on the interior dimensions and the objects that are to be put on it.

The light oak shelves are superimposed one above the other and give the impression of levitating, an effect accentuated by the contrast of the delicate and multiple bars. Materials: oak and metal

Edition Galerie Gosserez, each piece is unique, custom-made

‘Totem’ hall elements

Totem is a series of six objects that are usually found in the hall: a mirror; a set of occasional tables; a flower pot holder and a coat stand. This set welcomes visitors to a simple and refined environment, punctuated by the solid cast concrete pedestals which support very ethereal fine structures.

The concrete base is the weight which holds each of the totems in equilibrium at different heights. The user is free to stage their own decor. Materials: oak and concrete.

Edition Galerie Gosserez: 12 models + 1 prototype

Les Bulles: (Bubbles)

Suspended glass balls weighted with marble ballast, this individual case will form a precious and transparent cocoon around personal objects entrusted to it. It can also be changed rapidly into an original and very elegant vase.

The ‘Les Bulles’ collection drew inspiration from laboratory glassware, test-tubes, bottles, flasks, phials to decant, beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks, while misappropriating their meaning and use.

 ‘Les Bulles’ also explore the themes of landscape and micro-architecture, around the notions of balance, stability and space. Combining simple volumes, they stage fascinating microcosms which play on the contrasts between glass and stone. Materials: blown glass and Carrara marble.

Edition Galerie Gosserez: 15 models + 1 prototype

Photos credit Maxime Champion