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Read all about it – the first eco-design piece made by Artelano ! The ‘Ecco’ bookshelf  designed by Ora-Ito is built of recycled material derived from sustainable stands. It is assembled without screws, by simple interlocking of components : Ecco !’- and up it goes.
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All the  ‘Log’ collection needed to assure its popularity  hands down was a sofa. And now it has got one with this new model by Patricia Urquiola for the french company Artelano : cushion seat for improved comfort plus back- and arm-rest cushions to confirm the wrap-around look.
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‘Luminous, generous and comfortable’: Maria Fabiola Frénoy sees the 2009 collection as an anti-crisis antidote that gets back to the basics of the brand name. Best sellers are out front and presented in extended ranges that anticipate all the needs of users. Aregarding the work at hiome departmnent, a series storage units fills out a more functional version of the ‘Big Boss’ desk and the very surprising “Cublo libre” concept appears in the collection.

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