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eliumstudio has designed the first connected blood pressure monitor for the new French company Withings which transforms your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a blood pressure tracker. A small revolution in the design world since the intelligence of physical objects is from now on handed over to a third device, at the same time reducing its weight, functions and constraints. The blood pressure monitor armband remains inert until it comes to life and functions when simply connected to your iPhone or iPad. As with Pinocchio, with the magic of digital, man has brought matter to life once again. Thereby the Withings blood pressure monitor records the measurements, calculates the averages, traces the graph of your blood pressure and makes it easy to share results with your doctor. Read the rest of this entry »

Unveiled at Biennale de St Etienne 2010 and at the Peugeot, Citroën and Renault stands during the latest Paris Motor Show (which resembled incidentally the first real electric Paris Motor Show…), the recharge terminals designed by eliumstudio are the very first concrete proposals made available to the market by Schneider Electric, to respond to the domestic and urban needs of electric vehicles. A market which has for a long time been whimsical is finally veering towards a future concrete solution for which eliumstudio offers a design which is literally and figuratively clean.

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eliumstudio is pursuing its search for industrial elegance with Ceramic Art in the world of household electrical appliances which continues to resemble tableware. Initiated with the metal and wood Silver Art series dedicated to breakfast-time, eliumstudio has today revolutionised ceramic for one of the very first uses of this noble yet unstable material, for a large scale series. Read the rest of this entry »

Using maize bio-plastic and bamboo trim, with the ‘Safe’ range elium studio is extending its research into offbeat materials applied to household products. Following on from electrical appliances for Rowenta (of which the ‘Ceramic Art’ hotwater jug set to come out next spring), working for Lexon the designers have looked at small electronics for the home in chic eco-friendly mode: radio with rechargeable battery by manual wind-up, clock, alarm clock, calculator and pocket flashlight with solar-powered battery. In other words a range of eco-design pieces geared to renewable energies.
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There are so many born-dead projects floating about we sometimes forget that – before anything else – design is an exacting discipline in which function gives nothing away to style, and technical innovation is there to serve real user protocols and not just the sales pitch. With their ‘Silver Art’ range for Rowenta, elium studio has made this clear, demonstrating how French elegance can inform industrial design. Five pieces compose the breakfast set – espresso machine, coffee percolator, toaster, electric jug and juice extractor –  enacting subtle crossovers from kitchenware to tableware, and from function to décor. Purity of line and high finish given to materials (brushed stainless steel, wood) in series products opens a new window on these archetypes of modern living: in the ‘Grand Hotel’ spirit, modest everyday accessories for preparing and serving accede to the status of potential collector’s pieces. The range reflects the way elium studio uses technology – efficiency must always be user friendly. This is the right stuff in the French vein, expressing clear balance between function and form, and if we insist on this it is to salute value at a time when so many so called ‘creative gestures’ bundled up with a label pretend to be design.

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Clean lines and discreet cross-overs mark the four new pieces designed by Elise Berthier and Frédéric Lintz – eliumstudio  for Spanish maker sagenceramics, a young trademark that has extended research by merging artisan know-how and the skills of designers to create one-off pieces and limited series in ceramic.

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symbio-pers1Winner of an Observeur du design award, the ‘Symbio’ phone stands out as one of the most significant products designed by eliumstudio, on par with their ‘Tykho’ radio for Lexon. Its success is such that Thomson will be presenting it at the forthcoming Biennale in Saint-Etienne, having launched a website dedicated to a product that sets new benchmarks for the genre. Read the rest of this entry »