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CHIC Dessin is set to make all the difference with a strong mobilization of galleries for its maiden run. Over two thirds of the works on show have been specially commissioned for the fair, in solo or duo presentations. Polad-Hardouin will be presenting Eric Fiol, Wu Xiaohai (see image below) and Marcel Katuchewski, along with the rising generation in a group exhibition that will evolve on site during the fair. Maria Lund will propose an installation by South African artist Lyndi Sales, while Jason Manley’s treasure maps will invite discovery at the Valérie Lambert space. The Du Buisson gallery will be taking the pulse of the event with a cabinet dedicated to links between therapy and art, accompanied by a performance signed Laetitia Bourget, whose drawings will be stuck onto the palm of the visitor’s hand.
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For the exhibition “French Cancan”,  running until October 15 at Forum Diffusion in Paris, Lisa White and Gluxing have created a floral installation entitled “Chrysanthemum Explosion”. Completely unexpected, chrysanthemums burst like floral ammunition from Jean Marc Gady’s AMMO vases. Vibrant hybrids with names like “Energy” and “Vesuvio”, they have taken years to design and produce by the master hybridists and growers of Holland. Historically, the chrysanthemum is a symbol of the sun and of power (the emperors, or ‘sun kings’, of Japan would sit on chrysanthemum-covered thrones) and the rays of these power flowers offer a stunning display of organic pyrotechnics.
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Jean Marc Gady and  Gallery R’Pure will be presenting ‘French Cancan’ at Forum Diffusion from 17 september 2009 until 10 october 2009 in Paris. Three new pieces illustrate his gift for juggling the codes of luxury labels and using traditional savoir-faire. With a saucy subtext and a Gallic touch, ‘French Cancan’ is a light installation that plays on movement, accumulation and the side-tracking of basics. It suggests a peek up dancers’ skirts in elegant design.


The fish tank is a microcosm that reflects human concerns: within the finite space of its architecture the main issue that conditions the well-being of its inhabitants is waste management. ‘Floating Garden’ by Benjamin Graindorge and Duende Studio brings an innovative solution to the daily maintenance constraints of freshwater aquariums with a filtering system that is 100% natural: a cushion of sand + plants that adapts to each and every model. Its recycling principle based on hydroponics does away with the chore of regular water changes and proposes a new domestic- scale typology, between the decorative glass vase and the water purifying plant.

Photos credits : Ribon

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New products selected by Forum Diffusion in Milan are available on line right now (above : Montanara sofa by Gaetano Pesce). Since 1977 Forum Diffusion distributes exclusive international design pieces chosen for the discerning public and specifiers. Directed by François Basilien, their magnificent showroom at 55 rue Pierre Demours, Paris 17, proposes a season-by-season display made to an editorial line that distinguishes between trend and modernity. Moroso – Kartell – Cappellini – Moooi – Porro – Muuto: only the best among big names and new contenders is to be found in their 1 200 m² locale, for clients looking to buy style and quality.

See the selection Nouveautés Forum

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