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Initiated by N°111 with François Bauchet and Eric Jourdan, the Quatrième Mur was one of the ‘off’ exhibitions which spearheaded the event during the St Etienne Design Biennial 2010. In a former cinema and with this mysterious title, three ex- Saint Etienne students invited two of their ex-lecturers for a collective exhibition in the shape of ‘tribute-thanks-transmission’ with a result which lecturers and pupils alike can be proud of. The installation comprised everyday objects which, through their design and varying scales, gave rhythm and composition to the scenic space. The objective was to encourage the spectator to observe the objects from our domestic environment from a different angle and to reconsider the relationship between objects. Read the rest of this entry »

Is it possible to be impartial about the primal fascination and heat of a fire in Paris in 2010? Is it possible that this symbol of man’s first step towards civilisation will be authorised to return to our towns? When the time is approaching for the inevitable news reports lamenting, like every year, the homeless facing death from the winter nights, Duende Studio and François Bauchet join forces to propose an urban fireplace conceived to offer fire to Parisians with maximum security. New furniture for the city, the funding for the prototype is now open to co-production: we are appealing to anyone interested in this project to participate via a financial pledge in order to raise the 10,000 Euros necessary for the manufacture of the prototype.

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With the ‘Roman’ storage set and the ‘Elsa’ small chair for Ligne Roset, François Bauchet has carried off one of the most difficult creation exercises: re-reading commercial standards that are near clichés. Both these projects are innovative by their construction principle and sense of detail, and are carried by a line that is self evident.

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It is our pleasure to forward you two recent projects designed by french designer François Bauchet : ‘Claustra’, a storage system for Galerie Kreo, and ‘Clous’ (“nails” in french), street furniture, the first models of which have landed on the forecourt of Saint-Etienne (France) railway station.

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with Benjamin Graindorge, Eric jourdan, Gaëlle Gabillet, François Bauchet, Orh, Frédéric Ruyant, Cécile Fricker, Machin & Machin, Franck Magne, Oncle John, Grégoire Talon et Noë Noviant.


Mother and child. From conception to the post-natal period, the life-giving links in feeding between this primeval pair develop in two successive stages. First, the production of a shared temporary organ, the placenta, which is like a modem that connects the two bodies for feeding purposes during the 9 months of gestation. Second, the production of mother’s milk, which extends the link after parturition in a relationship that is almost cannibal: the baby feeding on the mother, for the survival of both. Commissioned by La Cuisine to reflect on the theme of ‘eating together’, Duende collective  proposes a range of objects that re-evaluates the earliest human feeding habits which are intra uterine before becoming extra uterine. Read the rest of this entry »