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Whilst his 010 lamp edited by Specimen is now available at Bon Marché (Paris), Guillaume Delvigne is one of the 6 Talents à la Carte to be discovered at Maison & Objet 2011 in Hall 7 from next 21st to 25th January. There will be a preview of the brand new Arsène range designed with the architect Vincent Eschalier for Belenus Limited, a company in Hong Kong specialising in the mass distribution of furniture and decoration.

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Guillaume Delvigne propose hybrid vase Dened for Specimen (France), based on a succession of positive contradictions, “Deneb” is a true functional and formal paradox. A vase separable from its base, but useless without it. Cork, a poor material, its technical mastery long forsaken, has become a rarity enhanced by the hand of a craftsman. Between the coolness of glass and the softness of cork, turquoise blue sparkles like a star whose name it bears. A giant blue star, whose destiny is to dissolve into a super nova.

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