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Some sand and water, two primal, smooth and plastic elements with which Gabriele Pezzini summed up a philosophy of simplicity with a performance which captivated and surprised the audience at Galerie Gutharc on Tuesday 26th October. With his method for making meteorites, Pezzini has most certainly found the “thing”: the thing to play with children on the beach this summer making the simple prefabricated sandcastle out-of-date, and especially the thing to proudly accept the supervision of huge projects (boat, helicopter,…) with the same practical clarity that he gives to pour a little water onto sand to update such compact and fleeting objects of design… Let’s take a look at the method:

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Pragmatic and concrete, Gabriele Pezzini’s work is based on a method, a theory permanently searching for meaning and possible truth.

On 26th October, he will present an equally surprising and poetic story which will highlight, through distant and close connections, his definition of the “Alchemy of the Project”. A presentation / performance of the work “METEORITE, looking far watching closely, a reflection by Gabriele Pezzini”, not to be missed at the Galerie Gutharc. Read the rest of this entry »

Responsible design is the big issue right now, and Enzo Mari and Gabriele Pezzini have come in strong with the exhibition ‘Che fare’ (what to do) at the Gutharc Gallery (Paris), their search for the standard as the one creative stance that is aware and civic-minded. What they seek is perfect balance between constraints of marketing, production and manufacturer’s culture, in an attempt to evolve a form that is efficient and durable – a standard that survives passing fads and decorative caprices to impose a reference. The line they take is direct, unassuming and exacting, moving counter to the constant clamouring for ‘something new’. Let us invite you to an exclusive preview, put together by the designers themselves (also available in italiano and japanese).
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