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eliumstudio is pursuing its search for industrial elegance with Ceramic Art in the world of household electrical appliances which continues to resemble tableware. Initiated with the metal and wood Silver Art series dedicated to breakfast-time, eliumstudio has today revolutionised ceramic for one of the very first uses of this noble yet unstable material, for a large scale series. Read the rest of this entry »


There are so many born-dead projects floating about we sometimes forget that – before anything else – design is an exacting discipline in which function gives nothing away to style, and technical innovation is there to serve real user protocols and not just the sales pitch. With their ‘Silver Art’ range for Rowenta, elium studio has made this clear, demonstrating how French elegance can inform industrial design. Five pieces compose the breakfast set – espresso machine, coffee percolator, toaster, electric jug and juice extractor –  enacting subtle crossovers from kitchenware to tableware, and from function to décor. Purity of line and high finish given to materials (brushed stainless steel, wood) in series products opens a new window on these archetypes of modern living: in the ‘Grand Hotel’ spirit, modest everyday accessories for preparing and serving accede to the status of potential collector’s pieces. The range reflects the way elium studio uses technology – efficiency must always be user friendly. This is the right stuff in the French vein, expressing clear balance between function and form, and if we insist on this it is to salute value at a time when so many so called ‘creative gestures’ bundled up with a label pretend to be design.

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