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Specimen and Triode Design are joining forces by co-presenting an outstanding piece: “Pearl” by the designer Pierre Favresse and the artist/embroiderer Emmanuelle Dupont.  A collaboration prompted by the two editors for a piece which plays on the contrast between Pierre Favresse’s symmetrical and reversible precision and the organic preciosity of Emmanuelle Dupont’s embroidery, both a pattern and a support which covers, decorates and sets this opalescent glass pearl. “It is blown and moulded without devaluing our individual savoir- faire. In fact the design highlights both the technique and the material through light. The lamp is inspired by the world of embroidery and pearls. I thought that it would be interesting to look at embroidery in a different light by using it in three-dimensionally with glass. “Pierre Favresse

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Guillaume Delvigne propose hybrid vase Dened for Specimen (France), based on a succession of positive contradictions, “Deneb” is a true functional and formal paradox. A vase separable from its base, but useless without it. Cork, a poor material, its technical mastery long forsaken, has become a rarity enhanced by the hand of a craftsman. Between the coolness of glass and the softness of cork, turquoise blue sparkles like a star whose name it bears. A giant blue star, whose destiny is to dissolve into a super nova.

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Unquestionably one of the phenomenal pieces from Specimen’s very first collection, ‘Chandabrabhu’ is a grey Savoy marble occasional table, an Indian gothic gargoyle forming the basis of a neo Art Nouveau ‘as if part of a larger architecture’ according to Sylvain Rieu-Piquet. That is a Hindu temple atomized by the anger of a capricious divinity, the great splendour of which ended up in Paris in the 21st century. Sculpted with a digital cutter, ‘Chandabrabhu’ proudly displays the grooves left by the contemporary tool to hide nothing of its industrial origins. Read the rest of this entry »

To celebrate its launch during Designers Days event in Paris, Specimen is proposing a special co-edition in partnership with Terres Nuages. The O10* lamp designed by Guillaume Delvigne is a piece which is joining the realms of furnishing. The light is reduced to its simplest expression: brightness in space. In the background, the object takes shape in a single precise line. Snaking from one space to another, the electric flex draws the contours.  The first Specimen collection is on view from 9th to 14th June with exclusive pieces by Sylvain Rieu-Piquet, Constance Guisset, Guillaume Delvigne, Pierre Lota and Olivier Grégoire.

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